Importance of Having Clean Water in The Society

Water is life. Every living organism needs water. It is tough for our society to do without water. The community need not just any water, the most essential being clean water. Clean water is of great benefit to the society at large. There are various sources of water like surface water, rivers, and lakes, dams, among others. Some of this water is not clean.The government has to make an effort and make a significant investment in making sure that they supply clean water in the society. Clean water should be provided in the society to promote a healthy environment since the polluted water is not only harmful to the environment but also to human health. Importance of having clean water in the society:

It is good for human consumption

portable waterDehydration occurs due to lack of enough water in the bodies. Our bodies need plenty of water. Every human being should drink eight glasses of water per day, and therefore the key thing in drinking water is having plenty of clean water in our society. Safe water is always advisable to be taken and also fit for human consumption. When you feel dehydrated, it will also lower your energy level that will make your body weaken. Getting access to clean water for drinking is good.

Prevent disease

Waterborne diseases are real. They can be spread through contaminated water. Waterborne diseases are infectious therefore it is necessary to give proper attention to our water catchment areas. The hygiene on our water must be kept safe. Our society needs protected water from diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentery are prone in areas with poor sanitation. Bacteria grow rapidly in dirty water and easily spread. Since it dissolves in water it is not easy to detect, it is important to use treated water instead.

Clean water is safe for animals and plants

Pollution in water is not safe for our animals. Our society mostly depends on animal products like milk, meat, hide and skin. Some communities depend on fishing as their economic activities. When the water is being polluted, it may end up killing this animal and will largely affect not only our health but also our economy as a county. It is good to get access to clean water to avoid such scenarios. Our plants too need clean water. Most of the society are vegetarian, and therefore we need clean water for our plants. The water which contains Chemicals may affect the plants.

Safe for cleaning

home waterOur society needs clean water to do their cleaning. Schools should provide their children with clean water to wash their hands and the surrounding to avoid the dirty surface area. In our car wash, we need too clean water to wash our cars. Cleaning the car with dirty water might damage your car engine. Cleaning also our homes, bedding, and utensils should be done by using clean water.


Clean water is always essential in our society. It should be the most paramount thing a society can prioritize. All measures must be taken to make sure that our society gets clean and fresh water to be used.