Diets for Health Teeth and Gums

Our teeth are important. It is why we take good care of them by brushing, using mouth wash, scraping our tongue and flossing and many more practices. It is a part of our body that we give utmost care since our younger age. Our parents will set us appointments on the family dentist to take a look and examine how our teeth are doing. We often take them to these trusted dentists to clean them and to conduct repair on some damaged tooth. Having a dentist to take care of these precious teeth will never be enough. It must start on the bearer itself. A person should be aware of the thing that he puts into his mouth, what foods he eats and chew and where it is good for their teeth or not.

dfgtyrtrefTeeth are mostly damaged when they are not being fully taken care of. Having an amazing oral hygiene isn’t enough you must also take care of them from the inside, from the foods you eating. You may have been investing into different mouth cleaning machines but having Diets for health teeth and gums will give your protection a boost.

Eating foods that are rich in both calcium and phosphorous are an excellent start. Teeth are made up of enamel, while Calcium and Phosphorous are the building blocks of enamel, which are getting damage whenever we eat hard objects and high acid foods. Consuming calcium and phosphorous rich foods will restore their strength and health. The best source of these minerals are dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, nuts like almonds, eggs, tofu and a lot more. Vitamin D rich foods are an excellent choice. Food items like fishes and eggs are a good source of this vitamin. Vitamin D is responsible for optimum calcium absorption into the body. You may have ingested adequate amount of calcium but without the key vitamins that will them get absorbed is apparently useless.

3f4rgtbrfedIt will only absorb percentage of the calcium and flush the other away to urine. For gum care, Vitamin C is amazing. This vitamin helps your gum not only to be healthier but it also reduces inflammations and strengthens your blood vessels. Lack of Vitamin C in the body is crucial to your gums; they become an easier target for bacterial infection and it will increase its sensitivity making them bleed. Citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of this vitamin.

Other food items that you could include in your Diets for health teeth and gums are meats, fishes, nuts, black or green tea, strawberries, oranges, garlic, ginger, sesame seed, sweet potatoes, celery, wasabi and a lot more. Never forget to hydrate yourself with plenty of water as it helps your body boost the absorption of these highly essential vitamins and minerals.