Exercise Bike Buying Guide

Before going out and buying an exercise bike, you must know that you should take some factors into consideration. Rushing to buy is a great way to get a product that you won’t be happy with and spend more money than necessary. Save yourself the time and money by doing the right homework! The following simple guide helps an individual to decide on the best bike for health fitness. You should know that prices vary a lot when it comes to exercise bikes and you can easily find amazing on the internet.ferethryhjhngb

Factors to consider when buying exercise bikes

1. Resistance

One of the most important things that you need to know about stationary bikes is that they feature two main resistance types, magnetic resistance and belt tension.

2. Magnetic resistance

Magnetic resistance is done by adjusting the magnetic forces, just like the title implies. This option is mainly featured by the more expensive exercise bikes, but you can also find it on cheaper models. People agree that magnetic resistance exercise bikes are superior because they offer more advantages, such as being versatile and quiet.

3. Belt tension

Belt tension exercise bikes are the ones that are adjusted manually, and they cost less. Keep in mind that all of the cheaper models will feature this resistance type. Belt tension is also very low-grade compared to magnetic resistance since it entirely relies on friction and is very challenging. These bikes are also a lot louder. If you’re planning to use your bike a lot, then choosing exercise bike that features belt tension is not recommended. Another important aspect that you should consider is the adjustability. Consider your height. Are you tall or small?

4. Adjustability

You need to keep in mind that a tall person can easily hit his or her knees by the handlebars, making adjustability a crucial factor. You should pay close attention to the adjustability options that your bike features, especially if you know that there will be more than one person using the bike. Examine the seat first, can it be moved up and down? How about forward and backward? A good exercise bike should have these features. Handlebar adjustments shouldn’t be ignored either since they can cause severe back aches if they’re not high enough.

5. Warrant

Be sure to look at the warranty as well. If the warranty for the exercise bike that you’re planning to buy is weak, it could be a good indication of the level of the quality. As a general rule, don’t buy an exercise equipment that only features a ninety-day warranty.